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Created 27.12.2014 18:17 Quote

 I intend to replace the battery supply with a 12v car adaptor.  So that there s a cnstantflow of power to the animator.  I want to do this becausei would like the animator to work even when my car is statinary.  I will need to disable the motin sensor first.  Can you tell me which compnent it is.  There is a speaker with a transducer at the top of the device.  Does that also cntain the motin sensor?

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Created 26.03.2015 9:53 Quote

 I have the Drivemotin Animator, and I’ve got it set up with the animatins i want from my pc, it also has fresh batteries in the remote and main unit.

If i give the unit a tap it will beep and do everything as expected when i operate the remote(For about a minute) the problem is it goes to sleep and will not wake, or functin while i am driving alng if i get somene in the back to give the main unit a tap it will then operate until it goes to sleep again.. I’ve tried making sure the battery’s are seated correctly altering the angle of the main unit to see if the motin detector operates better at different angles, With no success L

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