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Created 02.12.2014 22:05 Quote

Thank you, much appreciated... :)

Created 16.12.2014 10:24 Quote

It did not work when I installed the animator n another PC and then copied the cntents of both folders from ne to the other... All I get is blank animatins for all.  It still crashes n my main PC as well. 


This is completely useless to me now the product. What can I do to help you assetain the issue of the crashing that I amd others are getting???  This is quite frustrating now..

thanks in advance...

Created 27.12.2014 7:13 Quote
I down loaded the software and the HID drivers didn't install automatically nor can I find them.... As cool as this thing is, the instructins are poorly written, I'm missing pieces and this website.... well... sucks.
Created 27.12.2014 7:50 Quote
My computer wnt recognise the device. Says it may not be working properly. The package came pretty beaten up, missing pieces, the remote is too small for the batteries, this website doesn't help with finding the missing drivers, I dn't understand. I have installed and uninstalled and installed and uninstalled a dozen times. This is really cool... but its very poorly made! The software is shit, this website is shit. I would not recommend this product and if this problem isn't addressed and fixed son, I will be demanding my mney back.
Created 29.12.2014 13:44 Quote

 Hi it's Kevin. Not sure if this helps the guy above but what I have found when plugging the animator in to an XP laptop is that the software crashed with the usual error message but if you drag the error message box down to the bottom of the screen so that it is out of the way, the software will still cntinue to work and you can upload to the animator with no issues.

i haven't tried it n windows 7 yet but it is a work around. It works well enough for me to cnsider ordering another ne for my daughters mini. 

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Created 30.01.2015 23:37 Quote

problem with the software solved.
update your software.

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