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Registered: 25.09.2009
Posts count: 6
Created 04.06.2014 12:41 Quote


Guest wrote
I purchased the animator that cost $85 which is programmable as it stated. I installed the software and plugged it in to pc. Then I clicked transfer to device ans save to buttn 1. I tested it out and it doesn't transfer the emoticn the ne I want. Can you please reupload the oldest versin of the software? it might work.

Just follow the link:

You should  press [File->Save animatin to device->Save as N message] to upload selected animatin to device.

Created 04.06.2014 16:08 Quote

 I dn't see the Save as N message. I downloaded the software Animatin1.0b.exe

is this the right ne? or do you have another versin. Because the optins in the software is greyed out like the Help and preference unclickable. 

Created 05.06.2014 1:32 Quote
Modified 05.06.2014 9:29

Here are the optin I see in the software. I highlighted the animatin I want, then I clicked "save as 1 message" and nothing show up. I went back the device the animatin I transfer is not there. Send me the older versin of the software please.

See image




Registered: 25.09.2009
Posts count: 6
Created 05.06.2014 9:29 Quote
Modified 05.06.2014 10:36

This video illustrate how you can write messages to animator:

Old versin can be downloaded here:

Created 06.06.2014 1:49 Quote

 Yes is cnfirmed the old versin works. New versin does not detect the animator device at all.

Registered: 24.09.2010
Posts count: 36
City: Moscow
Created 06.06.2014 22:02 Quote
uploaded new versin, should work.

Created 01.09.2014 10:29 Quote

It is not possible to rename the Animatin ? F2 doesn't work?

Created 30.09.2014 22:26 Quote

 I cannot get the software to run when the device  is plugged in. It loads and then says "Animator has stopped working". A problem caused the program to stop working correctly.

it loads ok when the device is not plugged in.

 I have tried running it under Wimdows 7 and Xp.

the softest was downloaded from your website

please advise

Created 30.09.2014 23:26 Quote
Its ok. It works if I take the batteries ouit first and then cnnect
Created 17.10.2014 18:35 Quote

 Software doesnt work.  As son as I plug the device in I geta message saying 

Animator has stopped working". A problem caused the program to stop working correctly.

I thought it was windows 7 compatible?

Please help

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