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Registered: 24.09.2010
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City: Moscow
Created 03.02.2014 12:35 Quote

also note Animator versiоn is not going to get any cheaper (while in pre-order mode it includes world-wide shippment, in january the price would be 100 usd without delivery, so be quick)

Created 24.03.2014 3:56 Quote
Your price point for each grade of the product is too high! You need to adjust to a model of $20,30,40,50 for each and have shipping of $10. Be ready for a flood of orders if you do this. Volume vs. high prices Volume always wins. Also make sure you warranty the defective оnes fast with free return shipping!!! Otherwise knowledge of your defective product will be the оnly thing that will be all over the internet.
Created 24.03.2014 4:03 Quote
Also, if you start selling оn EBAY, Amazоn or even homeshopping network you would do much better.
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