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Created 28.07.2017 10:18 Quote

 product is good idea and the possibilities are endless,but the way you are selling and promoting hte product and all of the flaws and problems the customers are having isn't going to help products reputatin and reliability,maybe you should sell the licensing and patent to some other company and let the product be evolutinary and technologically improving and keeping up with todays smartphne app and voice command messages can be displayed in real time showing emojis and text from my phne using an app that lets me say whatever i want, like hey asshole get the fuck away from my rear bumper, or hey pretty lady you wanna grab a cup of coffeesometime just call me 555-555-1234,things like that will make this thing sell and make you mney and famous


but youj are dropping the ball big time in my opinin,im not trying to bash you man just trying to show you something that youmay not be seeing or thinking about

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Created 28.07.2017 13:47 Quote

Thx for your ideas.

But we did have that versin


We've put alot of efforts to make that versin, but Kickstarter blocked us for unknown reasns.  All our tries to cntact Kickstarter to at least know the reasn were unsuccesful.
If there's a company or an ivestor interested in launching that versin, we can discuss the terms. (we also included wifi and voice recognitin there. launching it apx. cost around 40-50 k usd)


Created 11.12.2018 11:31 Quote

 Have you ever launched the new versin yet? 

And whqt versin can be programmed by pc ?

 Enter the number