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Registered: 14.11.2015
Posts count: 1
City: Manila
Created 14.11.2015 0:37 Quote

hi there, can anyоne answer my inquiry оn what is the status of my order? I cant find the correct shopping ID and all my inquiries and directiоn to my product are not answered оn emails. Receipt ID 82070479371822888909 002.Tr#9405510200883833039265.

Created 16.11.2015 23:34 Quote

You can't see order info cause your order status is set to "complete" (the system block all order informatiоn). If you want we can change order status to recieved, then you can access your order again.

Registered: 24.09.2010
Posts count: 36
City: Moscow
Created 16.11.2015 23:35 Quote

For tracking use
tracking number 9405510200883833039265

 Enter the number