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Forum list → Offers → How long orders usually take? Mine hasn't arrived yet
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Created 28.09.2014 18:47 Quote

 Hi! I just  bought drivemotin cnstructor to Peru n September 16. But I received an email saying the order should be here in the next 5-7 days. I still hasn't received it and in the website it says that the order is "complete". I already sent two emails but I haven't received any answer. Is there any problem with the order?

Thank you so much

Silvana H.

Created 29.09.2014 12:42 Quote


We write completed when we send it,also we wrought it before it should be there in 5-7 days, if not
you should call your local customs as we had similar case with Mexico.
It is Internatinal letter Tr#LN151246779US (brown box).
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Created 25.12.2014 12:44 Quote

Animator versin: delivery from China, through DHL agent. usually takes around 2 weeks for agent to collect orders and around 1-2 wekks DHL delivery.

All other versins  delivery from Portland, Oregn via USPS. (around 1 week)

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